Reignite your passion for the Bible

A five-day residential Bible course

As Christians we believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, and that through it He can shape history, change lives and help ordinary people navigate life’s challenges.

Many of us may feel confident in reading the Bible on our own, but lack confidence when we’re called upon to go a bit deeper - to take a Bible study at church, or even preach.


Certificate in Bible engagement

Together with Cliff College, BRF has developed a Certificate in Bible Engagement designed to give people confidence and independence in approaching the Bible themselves.

Cliff College has a long and rich heritage of providing Bible training to people from diverse backgrounds and denominations, for mission and evangelism.

Certificate in Bible engagement

This five-day residential course, located on the edge of England’s beautiful Peak District (on 5-9 March 2018) is open to anyone who wants to go deeper.

Led by BRF’s Commissioning Editor, Mike Parsons, the highly experienced team of teachers will cover subjects such as where the Bible fits into our spirituality, reading strategies, genres, discipleship and outreach. And there’ll be plenty of time for socialising and getting to know the group.


Sessions include

  • The Bible - what is it? An exploration of the nature of the Bible – inspiration, revelation, genre and textual reading.
  • The Bible - where does it fit in? What does it mean to be a theologian, and how can we begin to read the Bible alongside tradition, reason, culture and experience?
  • The Bible - how do we read it? A look at various strategies to help, including methods highlighted by Watson, Luther, Ignatius and Pannenberg.
  • The Bible - how do we use it? Its personal application today in our digital age, and how the Bible can be shared.
  • The Bible and Christian living in the world - the Bible and making a difference in the world