God our protector

A reflection for Mothering Sunday

‘That’s what a mother does – protects her children’

Where I live, we have frequent power cuts, so it’s usually wise to carry a torch when it’s dark just in case the lights go out.

Early one morning I was going to the bathroom and forgot to take my torch with me. But I remembered that my mother saw me leave the room and knew where I was; I had nothing to worry about. I was confident she would bring me a torch if I needed one. That’s what a mother does – protects her children.

Yes, there was a power cut that morning, but just as my eyes were beginning to adjust to the darkness, I saw a light. It was my mum standing right in front of me with that torch. I had absolutely nothing to worry about!

I remembered my mother knew where I was; I had nothing to worry about.
Woman with child and sunrise

Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,
    your faithfulness to the skies...
For with you is the fountain of life;
    in your light we see light.

Psalm 36:5, 9

Bible reflection

God’s lamp shone on my head and by his light I walked through darkness!

Job 29:3

In our scripture verse, Job is recalling a time in his life when by the light of God he walked through darkness. Just as I trusted my mum to bring me a torch, I can trust God to light up any darkness in my life and to direct my path.

In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight

Proverbs 3:6

Dear Lord, help us to trust you endlessly, no matter what hurt, pain or depth of darkness we may experience.
The Upper Room January-April 2019 cover

Reflection taken from The Upper Room January-April 2019, by Uyo Jummai Ani, a Nigerian contributor living in the Ukraine.

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