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How can I help children and teens know God themselves?

With the pressure of everyday life, it can be a huge challenge to know how to explore with kids who God is  – and what he’s doing in their lives. That’s where Parenting for Faith comes in – empowering family, friends and church workers to help children make their own connection with God, in both good times and bad.

Now, however busy you are, you can gain support and inspiration through the Parenting for Faith 20-minute podcast. Listen on your phone or tablet – whether you’re online or not… on the morning commute… doing the washing up… on a lunch break… 

What's a podcast?

the Parenting for Faith podcast

This stimulating podcast will help you find opportunities in everyday life to open young minds and hearts to God – in the way that’s right for them and you. It’s presented by BRF’s Parenting for Faith Pioneer Rachel Turner, together with her two team members – all former church children’s workers and parents (of children aged one to 25) – with contributions from parents and others who are just as passionate to nurture faith in the young.

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The podcast is another way of helping parents and carers to know that they aren’t alone and that it’s possible for them to see their kids flourish in the midst of ordinary life.

Rachel Turner, BRF’s Parenting for Faith Pioneer

Rachel uses humour and wisdom to navigate parenting for faith. Love the different elements in each podcast – 20 minutes well spent!  ​

Parenting for Faith podcast listener

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Rachel Turner

20 minutes that could change a family’s life

Whether you’re parenting alone or with a partner, just starting out as parents or concerned that you’ve left it too late, tune in regularly to:

  • Try out tips, hints and techniques to help you steer meaningful, relevant conversations about God with children and teens
  • Discover more about the Parenting for Faith five easy-to-use Key Tools for nurturing a child’s own two-way relationship with God
  • Rachel’s responses to real-life questions from parents and others, such as 'How do I manage the dynamics in a blended family with a non-Christian ex-partner?' and ‘How do I help children with additional needs connect with God?'
  • Reflect on from topical news stories, festivals, films, books and songs that children will be exposed to, such as This is Me and Coco - and think about how you can help children and teens process them in a positive way
  • Enjoy guest interviews – listen to others sharing openly and honestly their experiences of coaching kids to have a faith of their own. Learn from experienced people on the same journey!

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So great to have Rachel’s wisdom, fun and humour in a podcast. I feel I learned multiple things from each episode and came away with something really practical I could try out with my children.

Parenting for Faith podcast listener


Whatever size, shape and Christian culture describe your family or the families you work with, subscribe to the Parenting for Faith podcast to make walking with God – with children and teens – a part of everyday life.

Parenting for Faith also offers a free video-based course, an online searchable library of real-life experiences, reflections and suggestions, and a growing social media community.

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