Ministry to dads - where to start?

Helping churches to develop outreach to fathers

Early experiences of father figures are known to shape how easily we relate to God as our Father. So perhaps it’s surprising that the idea of ministry to dads is still in its infancy. And for churches who do want to develop their outreach to fathers, it can be difficult to know how to go about it.

BRF's Who Let the Dads Out? has developed a programme of training events to inspire and equip church members and leaders keen to invest in supporting fathers (and father figures) – including those new to the church –  in spending quality time with the children in their lives.

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Who Let The Dads Out?

Upskilling local churches through training

In 2016, Who Let the Dads Out? delivered its first training weekend at Cliff College in Derbyshire - now an annual event.

Since then it has held a number of other training events around the country, including in Manchester, Hampshire and Surrey, with more planned for 2018.

By sharing best practice, experiences (good and bad) and creative ideas, leaders and potential leaders are inspired and skilled to develop their own work locally.

Changing church culture

BRF’s Mark Chester explains:

We want to change the culture of church outreach, so that churches routinely consider intentional and specific ministry to fathers and their children... Sessions cover the history of fatherhood, and examine contemporary fatherhood. We consider the characteristics of God as Father and look at examples of biblical fathers - both good and bad.

The courses also look at the practicalities of running fathers’ groups.

How training makes a difference

Less than 24 hours after delivering a recent training day, the Who Let The Dads Out? team received a message from an attendee to say that his church leader had agreed to setting up a Who Let The Dads Out? group.

Less than two months later, their first session attracted seven dads, six of whom were from outside the church.

Here's what people have said about our training:

Really powerful programme giving ideas and energy to drive and equip me.

Even better than expected. Excellent balance of practical, biblical, foundation-laying discussion and presentation.

Discover ministry to fathers training days and events

For information on training events in 2018 keep an eye on the Who Let the Dads Out? website.

Ministry to Fathers teaching weekend

The Ministry to Fathers teaching weekend, run in partnership with Cliff College in May, is our flagship training event

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Training events

The Who Let The Dads Out? team also run a series of low-cost training days, including in Manchester, Rhyl and Norwich.

Who Let The Dads Out? events

Ministry to Fathers teaching weekend