Messy Church £100 Appeal

Skip the latest blockbuster and help families grow in faith

It’s incredible to think that there are now almost 3,800 Messy Churches in over 20 countries worldwide.

What’s more incredible is that The Bible Reading Fellowship’s (BRF) vast Messy Church network is supported by a dedicated team of just four staff.

Could you support Messy Church for less than the price of a cinema ticket?

Could you support Messy Church for less than the price of a cinema ticket?

Together with the wider resources of BRF, our small but perfectly formed Messy Church team does an incredible amount of work training, advising, resourcing, inspiring and encouraging Messy Churches everywhere.

Could you give £8.50 a month (or £100 a year) or more to help the Messy Mission continue?

For less than the price of a cinema ticket, you can help more families hear about Jesus and grow in faith.

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You can also download a useful letter and giving form for your church which you'll find on the Messy Church £100 appeal page.

Messy Church £100 Appeal page

Thank you for your support.

Messy Church £100 appeal

Introducing the Messy Church team

Lucy Moore


Jane Leadbetter


Martyn Payne


Miriam Thurlow


Meet Martyn and Miriam

Martyn spends much of his time visiting local Messy Churches and gathering information about the network.

Martyn is working with Miriam, our new messy intern, to help us to see how well Messy Churches are getting on, and how we can help them do things even better.

Martyn and Miriam's appeal page

Meet Jane

Jane has special responsibility for our team of over 100 volunteer Regional and Specialist Coordinators.

Jane recruits and trains Coordinators and helps them provide ongoing support to local Messy Churches.

Jane’s work is vital to the smooth and effective running of Messy Church.

Jane's appeal page

Meet Lucy

Lucy is the founder of Messy Church and leads BRF’s Messy Church team.

She develops the work of Messy Church both nationally and internationally, and writes and speaks widely about the movement.

She is also responsible for developing new projects, such as Messy Church Does Science.

Lucy's appeal page