Looking back on ten years as a BRF Trustee

BRF Trustee Ann Persson reflects on the last ten years as a BRF trustee

Ann Persson reflects on the last ten years as a trustee

I have had the privilege of being a Trustee of The Bible Reading Fellowship for the last ten years. In that period, I have seen it grow and develop enormously, especially with the advent of Messy Church.

I like to think of BRF as a sailing boat with the wind of the Holy Spirit in its sails, and Messy Church has acted as a spinnaker - colourful, bright and billowing, taking the boat at speed, here and there across the world. Messy Church has gone global, and the first Messy Church International Conference in May proved it.

Of course, with my sailing boat image, the bigger the sails, the bigger and deeper the keel that is needed to stabilise the boat, keeping it upright and on course. We could say that BRF's keel is Richard Fisher, Chief Executive, and his able Head Office team, the Trustees of BRF and also the charitable trusts and individuals who give financially to support the work.

Ann Persson

The sails are the different core ministries led by talented and imaginative people, including the publication of books and Bible reading notes, Messy Church, Barnabas in Schools, Quiet Days, Faith in Homes, Who Let The Dads Out? and our most recently added initiative, The Gift of Years, which resources the spiritual journey of older people.

All of this makes for a very rounded ministry and a valuable gift to the Christian community, not just in this country but spreading out into other parts of our world. I remember being in New Zealand and talking to a woman after a church service in Queenstown. We discovered that we had both read the same passage in New Daylight that morning.

My particular pleasure has been in leading Quiet Days for BRF - giving those who come the opportunity to have space, time and silence in which to meet with God; offering a theme that acts as a springboard but not a straitjacket, so that the retreatants can follow God’s individual leading.

Now it is time to step down and let a younger person take my place on the Council of Trustees. But I will never lose contact and interest in BRF and will always hold the years that I have been involved with this excellent organisation as a special part of my life.

May God bless BRF and all who sail in her!



Here's a few ways you could pray:

  • Give thanks for God's goodness to BRF over the last ten years and all that has changed and grown in this time
  • Please pray for our trustees and others who are responsible for leading in BRF that they would be led by the Holy Spirit in all that they do
  • Take some time to reflect on how God has been at work in your own life over this time and write down your thoughts. Commit your plans and thoughts to God in prayer, and add a note to your diary to check back in a few months time and see how God has been at work.
Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.
Proverbs 16:3 (NIV)

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