Journeying towards Easter

Reflecting on Lent with BRF authors

What are you taking up for Lent?

The idea of ‘giving something up for Lent’ came from the season’s origins as a time of fasting, in order to focus on prayer and grow closer to God. For Lent 2019, instead of forgoing chocolate, why not join these BRF authors and ‘take something up’ - whether an attitude of mind, a practice or some special reading with one of our inspiring new Lent resources.

Lent for me is now more about ‘what I can take up’ rather than ‘what I can give up’. Such things as a daily discipline of intentionally looking for the good in all, or daily texting a word of encouragement to someone... My hope is that something of springtime life will break through, so that Easter can be a genuine celebration of new life in Christ.

Michael Mitton

I like the opportunity to reset my prayer routines after the gloominess of winter; to carry out some ‘spiritual spring cleaning’ as I approach Easter. Lent lasts six weeks, and it takes six weeks to create a habit. In the past I have begun learning the piano, taken up running, practised fasting, prayed a different Daily Office and read a theology book a week.

Sally Welch

Take up… refocusing on the Bible, together

Lent is an ideal time to refocus on regular Bible reading. We all know from experience that it’s easier to form good habits (and to break bad ones) if you share the journey with others. So this year we’re giving you the opportunity to dig deeper into the Bible with your family or church group, through a special eight-week study guide based on BRF’s bestselling New Daylight daily Bible reading notes, edited by Sally Welch.

Lent with New Daylight: Rediscovering who we are as God’s people combines the Lent readings from the January-April 2019 issue of New Daylight with group discussion starters. Whether on your own or in a group, why not let favourite writers Margaret Silf, Liz Hoare, Michael Mitton and Naomi Starkey inspire your journey in the footsteps of Christ towards Easter.

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Lent with New Daylight cover

Take up… finding God in the everyday things

At Home in Lent cover

What do shoes, vacuum cleaners and wardrobes have to do with Lent? How can a wristwatch or a fridge-freezer possibly relate to the Easter story? Explore Lent through everyday objects found in the home with BRF’s new Lent book for 2019, Gordon Giles’s At Home in Lent . These daily readings and reflections (for Ash Wednesday through to Easter) will help you find God even in the seemingly mundane.

Gordon Giles has elevated the everyday to the realm of spiritual reflection and meditation in a way which is both simple and profound. A most accessible guide and accompaniment with which to navigate Lent, with just the right amount of challenge and affirmation, particularly for those leading busy lives.

Revd Prebendary Dr Neil Evans, Director of Ministry, Diocese of London

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Take up... nurturing the soul

For me, Lent means an opportunity to focus on my relationship with God and to think about making more time simply to be still in God’s presence.

Naomi Starkey

It’s a time for digging the soil of our souls, planting seeds and pruning away the things that hold back new shoots.

Liz Hoare

Celtic Christianity often offers a different way to nurture the spiritual life, through radically refreshing insights into central Christian beliefs. If you’re looking for profound new perspectives to feed your understanding of Christ and what it is to follow him, the daily Bible readings and reflections in David Cole’s Celtic Lent: 40 days of devotions to Easter offer to transform your vision.

A fascinating and refreshing Celtic 'tour de force'

Church Times

This beautiful book leads us beyond the tired platitudes of a faded Christendom... brings insights that are whole and rooted, yet are fresh and relevant to life's journey.

Ray Simpson, Founding Guardian of the international Community of Aidan and Hilda

Your search and yearning for God will be deepened and enlarged.

Revd Canon Professor James Woodward, Principal Sarum College, Salisbury

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Celtic Lent cover

Take up... 'lending yourself to the world'

A reflection from BRF author Margaret Silf

As I reflect on the question ‘What does Lent mean for me?’ I am reminded of this phrase: Lent to each other. So many people have been ‘lent’ (as in ‘loaned’) to me during the course of my life, sometimes just for a crucial moment or two, sometimes over many years. They have been the bringers of God’s grace is unique ways, through their example, their challenges, their listening presence or their active help, encouragement and love. But this is a two-way process. Each of us is called to allow ourselves to ‘be lent’ to the world – wherever there is a need that our personal gifts or presence can begin to meet.

Perhaps Lent can be a time to reflect more consciously on how we can offer ourselves, our help, support and love in a specific and practical way to someone who needs that ‘loan’ – how we can truly be lent, and Lent, to each other.

However you choose to focus on Lent, we hope it will be a time of moving closer to God, of finding your place as one of God’s people, and of rediscovering the Easter story anew.