Learning from the First World War

What price peace? is a Barnabas in Schools theme for 2014-2018.

Introducing What price peace?

Every year we produce a new Barnabas RE Day and INSET theme as part of our work to support the teaching of Christianity in primary schools.

In 2014, we launched a new Barnabas in Schools programme called What price peace? to coincide with the Centenerary of the First World War. The theme comprises a Barnabas RE Day, an In Service Training (INSET) package, a classroom resource and online resources designed to help primary school children explore some of the key events, experiences and personal responses to the First World War.

We want to help primary schools experience something of the beliefs, the passions, the dilemmas of that global conflict, exploring it for themselves. So, we've dug out some fascinating stories about faith, belief and how you keep yourself human when everything seems to be falling apart.

Chris Hudson, Barnabas in Schools team

What schools are saying

Super session, full of interactive activities with opportunities for children to ponder and ask thought-provoking questions and at times, answers.

Cambo First School, Northumberland

Excellent engagement for KS1 pupils, allowing them to reflect and develop their understanding of a difficult topic

St Mark's CE Primary School

We thoroughly enjoyed our day and the visual presentation of no-man's land was so effective. All the children were really engaged and focussed. Lots of awe and wonder and great discussion.

Welburn Community Primary School

What price peace?

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