Justin Welby's message to Messy Church

Watch what Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, said to delegates at the Messy Church International Conference

Celebrating the worldwide family of Messy Church

In May 2016, delegates at the Messy Church International Conference from the UK, EIRE, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, the USA, New Zealand, Germany and South Africa were greeted by a video message from Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury.

We need to be a church where everyone feels they are part of it and everyone comes in and can discover God and discover who Jesus is. This is not church for children, it's church for church; It's church for everyone.

And that's why I want to encourage you to go on pushing out the boundaries being flexible, being imaginative, being in a circle of love that joins people with Christ at the centre.

You are a gift to the Church.You've set churches and parishes across England off on journeys that they never imagined they could make in a million years.

Justin Welby

Justin Welby
Messy Church

Pray for Messy Church leaders

Please pray that the Messy Church International Conference, including Justin Welby's words, would continue to encourage Messy Church leaders across the world.