Jesus, cake and Messy Church


Cake seems to be intimately linked with Messy Church and, of course, it fits nicely with the Messy Church values of celebration and hospitality. But, as a little girl quite rightly pointed out, Jesus is the most important part of Messy Church.

Messy Church helps people of all ages learn about Jesus and grow in faith. This month we’re exploring some of the ways in which Messy Church is making this happen, and what better way to do this than through the culinary masterpiece that is cake!

Martyn took another bite from the delicious sweet morsel he held in his hands. ‘You can’t have Messy Church without cake,’ he said. ‘No,’ said the little girl, ‘You can’t have Messy Church without Jesus!’
Martyn Payne

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Messy Church helps people of all ages learn about Jesus and grow in faith. Below we explore some of the ways in which Messy Church is transforming lives and communities across the UK and overseas. If you share our vision of making a difference through the Christian faith, could you give regularly to support Messy Church?

How is Messy Church making a difference?

Changing perceptions 

Messy Church isn’t your usual church service, and this can sometimes come as a surprise. In our 2016 Messy Church survey, 128 out of 289 families agreed that coming to Messy Church had changed them and what they thought about church. When we asked them how, many said they now found church fun, welcoming and relevant. The majority, 74%, agreed they felt welcome and wanted at Messy Church. We’re delighted with this response, because that’s just what we aim to be!

Bringing people to church

Did you know that a staggering 500,000 people attend Messy Church each month? Or that there are currently over 3,700 Messy Churches in 30 countries worldwide? We never cease to be amazed by the numbers involved in Messy Church or its international appeal. And to think, it all started just 13 years ago in a local church in the UK. Lots of Messy Churches means lots of work for our small team of four staff and over 100 volunteer regional and specialist coordinators.

Growing leaders

Messy Church is playing an important role in developing leaders. An amazing 75% of Messy Church leaders are female and most have no formal training in church leadership. They are often simply charged by a desire to reach out to families with the love of Jesus. We also know that 46% of Messy Churches have under 18s on their team. From offering support through regional coordinators to running training events on all aspects of Messy Church, we aim to do all we can to help Messy Church leaders, both young and old.

Helping people find Jesus

Perhaps most important of all, Messy Church is helping people encounter Jesus and grow in relationship with him. We’re delighted that 75% of Messy Churches say God is using it to draw people to him. They are people like Gemma. She and her whole family have come to faith through Messy Church, and now she is a tireless evangelist among other mums in the playground. The proof is in the pudding, so they say, and discipleship is very much on the current Messy Church agenda.

Other ways to help

Thank God for the growth of Messy Church and pray for his provision

Messy Church is experiencing astounding growth and is touching many lives worldwide. Please join us in praying for God’s provision for this work, so we can keep the Messy Mission alive.

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