Your prayers underpin all that we do

Thank you for your prayers

Thank you for your prayers

All of us on the BRF staff team are really thankful for your prayers. Without question, they underpin all the work that we do through our programmes and resources to help adults and children explore Christianity and grow in faith.

We would especially appreciate prayer in the areas we've mentioned below. If you're able, please do spend a few moments praying through them now.

If you have more time, you can download our daily prayer diary for January 2018.

Thank you for standing alongside us, supporting us in prayer.

Support BRF in prayer

Old hands

Chaplaincy to older people

The Gift of Years, as more people explore ecumenical, community-based chaplaincy to older people. Pray also for our growing network of Anna Chaplains and others in equivalent roles.

Bible study

Renewed passion for Bible reading in the New Year

Those who have started the new year with our Bible reading notes - people reading them for the first time as well as those who have been reading them for years, or even decades.

Pray that they are able to engage with them with both their head and their heart and so allow the Holy Spirit to transform them.

The Parenting for Faith course

The Parenting for Faith course

The Parenting for Faith video-based course, a free resource for parents, groups and churches to use. The goal of the course is to help parents discover that they are perfectly positioned
to show their children the reality of a life with God and to empower them to have their own vibrant two-way relationship with him.


Easter opportunities

Opportunities for our programmes that help churches to reach out to their local communities - Messy Church, Who Let The Dads Out?, The Gift of Years - to share the good news of Easter, particularly with those who haven’t heard it before.