Messy Church helps people follow Jesus

Messy Church testimonies - and how you can help.

God is moving in Messy Church!

This autumn we've been collecting some amazing stories of how God is at work in Messy Church. About how God has drawn people into new or deeper faith through this inspiring, inclusive, intergenerational approach. And how running a Messy Church has changed leaders, their families and the entire congregation. All these testimonies bear witness to one thing: Messy Church helps people follow Jesus.

A few weeks ago, we met up with the family of a lovable young boy with Down's Syndrome. Pip is partially deaf with complex health problems and a learning delay. Coping with the world outside the safety of his home has been a struggle. His mum, Jayne, told us how Messy Church has become a lifeline for the family through a time of great challenges.

Messy Church matters

We've been sharing more Messy Church stories on the Messy Church Facebook page. They’re just some of the thousands of testimonies of lives and communities changed through this ministry.

You can hear...

  • from Linda, who hadn't been to church for years - until Messy Church made her fall in love with it again
  • how Messy Church enabled Paul and Alison to reach out not just to children in their local community but whole families
  • how Messy Church 'galvanised' a dwindling congregation - now a thriving all-age community where everyone shares their gifts.

Messy Church is brilliant at bringing people together as an expression of the body of Christ. What we're seeing is people coming to faith - and also growing in faith. It's not just some evangelistic mission. It's looking at long-term discipleship. It’s no accident that we've got so many Messy Churches. Something is going on that's very exciting - a movement of the spirit!

The Rt Rev Colin Fletcher, The Bishop of Dorchester and BRF’s Chair of Trustees

Linda's family

Will you please support Messy Church?

Without Messy Church, many families might never experience Christian fellowship - or even hear the good news story of Jesus Christ. Almost all Messy Church leaders recently surveyed say it enables them to share the Gospel, and that they'd struggle to do it without BRF's support.

Our funding for Messy Church comes mostly from donations. Could you donate to help us keep the work going? 

Every year we ask Messy Churches to prayerfully consider contributing £100 to help pay for the online support (through the website and social media community), the training, the books and the monthly Get Messy! resources magazine. Not all can - especially those that are small, new or in an inner-city area. Could you or your church stand in the gap and contribute on their behalf?

 Messy Church group in their church hall at Acharacle in Scotland

How you can help

Messy Church £100 appeal

Donate to Messy Church

Your one-off or regular gift will help BRF sustain develop and grow the Messy Church network and help more families to discover a welcoming, inclusive, loving Christian community. We would be very grateful for any financial gifts you could make.

Church pack

Ask your church to donate

Could you ask your church to give from its mission fund? You can download information to share with others here. Thank you for your support.

Pray for Messy Church

The prayer needs of the Messy Church team are shared regularly as part of the BRF fortnightly emailed prayer diary. If you'd like to support our work in this way, please subscribe here

Image acknowledgements

Group photo courtesy of Acharacle Messy Church, Scotland, attended by all ages, from babies to 100 year old Mona.