How do you make discipleship a part of everyday life?

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Living the adventure in Christian discipleship – 24/7!

Holy Habits is a way of life that is meant to be lived, in our homes, in our communities; not something we do for 90 minutes or so once a week or once a month. 

Andrew Roberts, who has created and led the Holy Habits 'adventure in Christian discipleship', inspired by Luke’s model of church found in Acts 2:42–47, is convinced that 'Everybody has a part to play'. That's why BRF have developed new resources to help individuals and groups embed the holy habits into their everyday life.

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Taking Holy Habits to the next level

Holy Habits Group Studies and Bible Reflections

The Holy Habits approach encourages a way of life formed by ten practices described by Luke. It’s fast attracting interest and followers... across the denominations, across the country and even internationally – a number of international editions of BRF’s Holy Habits resources are in the pipeline.

Individuals and groups can now engage more deeply with each of the habits through new tie-in Bible reflections booklets and leaders’ notes for group studies. They’re already available for the first five habits – Biblical Teaching, Eating Together, Fellowship, Making More Disciples and Prayer – and will follow for the others in February 2020.

Like the original resources, the new booklets feature contributions from people of a variety of ages, denominations, backgrounds and cultures; the reflections and notes represent a wide range of wise and experienced writers.

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Your hub for all things Holy Habits

There’s now a new dedicated website for churches considering embarking on this journey to deepen faith and grow disciples.

Discover other churches’ experiences with Holy Habits, find out more about the habits and about the key people who contributed to the resources, discover the top ten tips for getting Holy Habits going in your church, find answers to frequently asked questions, check out the blogspot, watch introductory videos, and even take a fun interactive quiz to test your knowledge!

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'Sometimes the Holy Spirit is just IN something!'
Revd Colin Bones, Bulwell United Reformed Church

First off the blocks with the new resources

Colin Bones Bulwell URC

Bulwell United Reformed Church near Nottingham is halfway through an exciting two-year Holy Habits project. Minister Colin Bones (left) says the new publications have come out with perfect timing for his church:

Sometimes the Holy Spirit is just in something! We’ve ordered a number of copies of the Fellowship Bible reflections to use over the summer... We want as many people as possible – the whole congregation – to use them daily, so we’ll be doing the reflections together.

Colin admits that August can be a bit of a fallow month with people going on holiday – but says that wherever they are, everyone can follow through with this resource.

On Sunday mornings, I’ll build the reflection themes into the services. It’ll keep everyone on track and create that sense of togetherness: of keeping in step with each other. We won’t lose any momentum.

'I was pretty convinced God was in it... there was a sense of unity.'
Revd Gareth Hill, Romsey Methodist Church

Holy Habits in Romsey

Romsey Methodist Church small group - Holy Habits

Gareth Hill, minister of Romsey Methodist Church, piloted the Holy Habits resources over two years. After the two years, Gareth has seen the impact of Holy Habits in the deepening of individual discipleship in his congregation:

People are now more confident in having a conversation about their faith and beliefs. We’ve launched at least one more house group as a result of Holy Habits and people generally have become more serious about their faith and discipleship. It's helped people realise the skills they already have are good to put at the service of the gospel.

‘Then there are fringe people who have become much more engaged in the life of the church, more regular at worship and willing to volunteer to do things in a way that they would not have done before.’

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Flexible and creative

Speaking at BRF's Messy Church International Conference in May 2019 Andrew Roberts drew parallels between Holy Habits and this inclusive, all-age form of church based on hospitality, creativity and celebration:

We all know what people do with Lego kits. They empty out the pieces and look at the instruction booklet. They might follow the booklet once, but then they throw it away and begin to create all sorts of other wonderful things. That’s precisely the spirit of both Messy Church and Holy Habits. Yes, there are guidelines and, yes, there is a certain amount of shared wisdom about what might work well. But in both Holy Habits and Messy Church, there is also that strong encouragement to be creative and imaginative and contextual.'

He went on to encourage international Messy Churches adopting Holy Habits as a way of forming disciples to be creative, acknowledging that:

How you do Holy Habits in Amsterdam will be very different to what you do in Worcester, and how you do it in Santiago will be very different to how you do it in Christchurch.

Not a spectator sport!

Andrew Roberts at Messy Church International Conference 2019

Andrew drew attention to some 'clear tips' Luke has left in Acts 2 - indicating how both Holy Habits and Messy Church can flourish:

They devoted themselves; they were all together; they were together day by day.

The new Holy Habits resources help people embed these and other habits more deeply in their day-to-day individual and community lives.

‘Whether it’s Messy Church or Holy Habits, not everyone will come, but as many people as possible need to be involved. The church must stop being a spectator sport where people turn up, pay up and shut up, and then let the professionals at the front do everything for them. It was never meant to be that way!’