How can you find time to disciple children when your feet never touch the ground?

Parents under pressure

Has there ever been a time when parents have been under more pressure - and with less family support around to help? Work stresses... the relentless ferrying to school and clubs... the merciless round of themed dressing up days for younger children... the escalating demands to support teenagers through ever more competitive exams...

In the midst of all this, how can parents fit in an extra ‘faith bit’?

The good news, claims Rachel Turner, is that we don’t have to. Or at least not as an 'extra'. Rachel is the founder of Parenting for Faith, an exciting addition to BRF's programmes. It helps parents discover how to tune in to children and reveal where God is, right here, right now, in the muddle of everyday family life.

BRF's Parenting for Faith launch

Watch highlights from the launch to see how God has been at work in the story of Parenting for Faith

Resources for parents and churches

The Parenting for Faith course

The Course

The free Parenting for Faith course is made up of eight 30-minute videos featuring real-life stories and down-to-earth suggestions.

It's perfect for church groups, home groups, and anyone who just wants to follow it on their own or with their spouse or partner.

Discover the course

The Parenting for Faith website

Articles, audio and video

You don’t have to do the course to benefit from the insights on offer: parents can dip into a wide-ranging collection of videos, articles and resources on the Parenting for Faith website.

There are reflections and tips from Rachel and many others on a host of topics from bullying to special needs issues. And there’s a range of helpful books by Rachel and recommendations for further reading.

Visit the Parenting for Faith website

God's plan for children's discipleship was in all the places of the everyday… if I was going to see children fully alive in all that God has for them, then I needed to get myself out of the way and serve parents with the wholeness of my heart.
Rachel Turner, Parenting for Faith Pioneer

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