An exciting way forward for discipleship in churches

The Holy Habits course - helping your church grow in discipleship and mission

Join the adventure in living like Jesus

Does your church long to become a community marked by a radically different way of life that draws others to Jesus?

If, as a church, you’re serious about developing lifelong Christian disciples, but wondering where to start, the new Holy Habits course, resourced by BRF, could be the answer.

The Holy Habits course


Launched in January 2018, this exciting programme has been making an impact in a wide range of congregations across the country. The good news: it’s not intended to be an extra commitment that you have to squeeze into an already busy week. Instead, it offers an approach that will invigorate everything your church is already doing, and that can transform lives and witness far into the future. It can also be adapted to suit your local needs and priorities.

The ten habits: eating together, prayer, making more disciples, fellowship, gladness and generosity, breaking bread, sharing resources, serving, biblical teaching, worship

Creative resources for all ages

Holy Habits

The Holy Habits course is delivered through ten booklets published by BRF – one for each habit – with an additional Introductory Guide.

These interdenominational resources are for everyone, young and old. They're packed with creative ideas for all aspects of church life, including worship, small groups, Bible study, prayer and children's work – contributed by over 200 individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, from children to theology professors.

A great tool that just gets better with use. These resources weave the spiritual through everyday life and help us grow in our desire to follow Jesus.
Olive Fleming-Drane and John Drane

Explore the Holy Habits resources

Helping you get started

Adopting the Holy Habits programme is a big decision; it could be a two-year commitment. So, to help leaders think through the issues, there are three video guides: introducing the Holy Habits concept, suggesting how to prepare the congregation and helping you get started. You can watch the introductory video here:

Will your church join in the adventure?
Piloted extensively over three years, Holy Habits has proven an effective, creative and engaging route to helping individuals and congregations renew their Christian discipleship.

We hope many more churches will embark on this adventure to follow Jesus, inspiring greater joy and commitment in Christians of all ages, and creating many new disciples.

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