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The times they are a-changin’

The title of Bob Dylan’s song of 1964 is just as relevant today as it was then. The world is an unpredictable place, and change is constant. Sometimes the level of change seems to accelerate beyond what we feel we can comfortably cope with alone. In times like these, fellowship and community can be a real blessing. 

Community at the heart

Community is central to our vision at BRF. We see life as a journey of exploration that we are meant to walk together. Through community we can ask questions to seek to understand ourselves and the world around us. In community we can see the Christian life being modelled and express our faith in acts of kindness towards each other.

That’s why our Barnabas in Schools programme offers engaging teaching, training and support resources, so that children in primary schools can learn about what Christians believe.

It’s why both Messy Church and The Gift of Years are all about including people, wherever they are on their faith journey.

It’s why we produce Bible reading notes, books and other resources to help people grow spiritually.

It’s why our Parenting for Faith work helps children develop their own relationship with God through conversations at home and in church.

And it’s why we’re making the Holy Habits resources widely available, so congregations can come together to deepen their discipleship journey.

Regular giving helps make this work sustainable and allows us to plan for the future. What’s more, it’s quick and easy to set up a regular Direct Debit online.

Southwark Splash

Community in action

We’ve recently been celebrating significant new research, which confirms the effectiveness of Messy Church. It’s not ‘just a bit of fun’; without it many families would never have discovered that they belong in their local church, that God loves them, that Jesus died for them or that we’re all called to a journey with God.

Playfully Serious report cover

A Messy Church leader told me recently of a family who had started coming because their five-year-old was asking about God; the family then joined the Sunday congregation (and) the Messy leadership team and are now asking to be baptised. They’ve brought six extended family members into the church, and they want to help raise money for Messy Church. If this isn’t discipleship, what is? Others take longer to see that they belong in their local church, that there is no hidden agenda, just love, hospitality and acceptance.

Lucy Moore, Messy Church Founder and Team Leader, BRF

It’s wonderful to have the achievements of Messy Church recognised and evidenced by careful research, yet the research also highlights the challenges faced by Messy Churches. Over half of Messy Church leaders are unpaid, with many performing the role in their spare time and juggling it with other commitments. Stress, burnout, lack of funding and inadequate help are also commonplace. Your regular gift will help BRF train, resource and support Messy Churches to overcome some of these challenges.

Could you help us build community through regular giving?

Could you give regularly to help us invest in creative projects which support Messy Churches and enable them to bring more families into the Christian community?

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Messy Church is just one of the ways in which we are seeking to transform lives and communities through the Christian faith.

Barnabas in Schools


You could also choose to regularly support Barnabas in Schools offering RE Days, INSET teacher training and free and inexpensive teacher resources.

Parenting for Faith


Or you could invest in growing a new generation of children who love God through a regular donation to Parenting for Faith.

The Bible Reading Fellowship


Better still, could you make a regular gift to The Bible Reading Fellowship as a whole so we can use your money where it is most needed?

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Image acknowledgements

Image from Southwark Splash: a Messy celebration of baptism, January 2019, used with kind permission of Southwark Diocese.