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Choose to leave a legacy of faith

It may be an understatement to say we live in unsettling times. Like icebergs unmoored from a melting polar cap, giant problems seem to loom into view from every direction. Climate change. Increasing political turmoil. Civil unrest and war. An unprecedented loss of biodiversity. Natural disasters. Mass migration. You’d be forgiven for wondering what sort of legacy we’re leaving to future generations. Or for feeling helpless to do anything about it.

Even if we can’t make those problems go away, we can all pray and do our bit to make our voices heard - to be at least part of the answer.

And whatever future generations will have to face, there’s one thing we can offer that will help them ride the storm and find peace and purpose in the midst of it: the gift of faith.

Faith was the most precious gift that Sharon received as a legacy from her grandmother, a BRF supporter.

How your legacy can help BRF plant and nurture faith

The legacy of a faithful grandmother

'My nan was a very committed Christian. Whenever we were together, she would share with me Bible verses and her thoughts on them. We lived some distance apart, and she would send me copies of her BRF Bible reading notes – which I loved. The notes were crucial for my nan as she couldn't get to church and they served as her link with the wider church.

'My nan continued to send me her notes throughout my teenage years and well into my early adulthood. I kept them for years. I liked the fact I could read about God daily in a manageable amount. I think this is one of the reasons I’ve stuck with them – that and the fact my nan would check whether I’d read them! My nan’s encouragement helped cement my faith, and continues to influence me to this day.'

Sharon and her nan
My nan's encouragement helped cement my faith, and continues to influence me to this day.

Help us create a legacy of faith

Messy Church all-age celebration

What a heart-warming and encouraging story! By sharing her own love of the Bible and gifting her BRF Bible reading notes, Sharon’s nan left an amazing legacy to her granddaugher. And it's a gift that is still growing and thriving: Sharon is nurturing faith in others today, as a children’s and families worker and Messy Church leader!

The Bible is full of reminders of how God takes our small offerings and does something amazing with them, from Elisha and the widow’s oil to the feeding of the five thousand.

What amazing things could God do with a legacy gift in your will?

Leave a gift in your will

By partnering with us, you can help create an inheritance of faith, so that future generations will walk with God through the storms of life.

Gifts in wills help fund programmes like BRF’s Messy Church, encouraging many thousands of people across the world into a new relationship with God.

Or like BRF’s Anna Chaplaincy, that champions better pastoral care of people like Sharon’s nan, who can’t easily get to church.

Or Barnabas in Schools, helping primary schools deliver great RE that gives children from diverse backgrounds a better understanding of the Christian faith.

Your support also helps provide affordable books and resources to help sustain people in their journey of faith.

Find out easy it is to make a lasting difference through a gift in your will.

How your gift could help 

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It couldn't be easier

To help you make an informed decision about leaving a gift in your will, check out our quick guides on making a will for the first time, amending an existing will and exploring other options, such as a Deed of Variation.

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