Grow in confidence as a Christian parent in the comfort of your own home

The Parenting for Faith course you can do without leaving the house.

Taking 'faith in the home' straight to the home!

It's not easy raising children and teens for a life of faith these days. In the western world, if they believe in God, or go to church, they’re in a shrinking minority. BRF’s mission is ‘to enable all ages to grow in faith’. So how can we help families and carers raise a generation rooted in faith, with their own authentic experience of the living God?

BRF’s Parenting for Faith team firmly believes that Christian families can be a seedbed for developing faithful young people able to withstand the pressures of an increasingly atheistic culture: for parents and carers to confidently model a life of connectedness to God, grounding children and teens in a real-life relationship with him.

And that to figure out how to parent for faith effectively, they shouldn’t even have to leave the house.

'This course has been a total game changer for me'

Can't come to us? We'll come to you!

The free Parenting for Faith course offers parents and carers the space to think about this. The course consists of eight video sessions, which introduce key tools that parents and cares can adapt to fit their own families. As churches around the country started running the course, we heard how it was revolutionising parents' confidence and transforming how children were expressing faith at home.

We discovered that, although parents and grandparents could access the course videos independently, many benefited more when the journey was shared with others. Yet not everyone had a church group meeting near them. Some did but couldn’t get to it. There might be childcare problems. Or maybe there was just too much going on already at the time. We also found that some church workers felt they’d have more confidence running a group if they could try it out for themselves first as parents.

So in early 2019, Parenting for Faith decided to harness the power of social media to create a virtual course that anybody with a Facebook account could access: the Parenting for Faith Facebook watch party. It would form a sense of community and place for discussion as people committed to watch the videos and took the opportunity to participate in the comments, questions and answers.

'I have watched all the videos with my husband, which has been great. If it had been run at church we wouldn't have both been able to do it.'

We hoped the Facebook course would be popular but the response took us completely by surprise! Over 500 parents, grandparents, carers and children’s, families and youth workers signed up to take part!

'To have the time and space to just reflect on the sessions and how they relate to my family has been brilliant! I don’t think I would have easily had access to this course otherwise. It also felt nice to be able to connect with people from all over the place all striving for one purpose!'

We found couples were able to do the course together, without having to organise and pay for a babysitter. Church workers were able to focus on their own parenting as a prelude to running the course themselves. One group of mums did the watch party together, set up their own video call group to discuss it, and booked an evening out together to talk about it more. One church in the north-east of England was inspired to plan in an online option when they run the course so that those who can't attend in person can be part of small groups facilitated on Skype.

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'A total radical life-saver!'

Join the Parenting for Faith Watch Party

Now Parenting for Faith are launching another Parenting for Faith watch party, starting Thursday, 30 January 2020, that anyone who has a Facebook account can join. All you have to do is request to join the group.

Join the January 2020 watch party

'Before, I was showing my kids the Bible and praying with them - but doing nothing to support their connection with God, or much about sharing my own faith with them. Totally changed how I do things with them… so grateful for such a flexible online way to do this course!'

'I would actually repeat the course if you did it again as I think it’s the sort of thing you learn more from each time, especially as your child grows and the challenges change!'

What to expect at the Parenting for Faith watch party


Whether you watch in real time at 8.00 pm on Thursday evenings or catch up in your own time, you'll 'meet' Anna Hawken, Parenting for Faith’s National Coordinator, and course facilitator for the watch party. As you watch each week's video, Anna will offer questions for reflection, and you’ll have the chance to post comments, ask your own questions and respond to others.

Join the January 2020 watch party

'This has given me so many thoughts and ideas for helping my little one on their journey with God. I have found the set time useful for making me sit down and watch it but also the flexibility to watch on another day when I didn’t have internet one week.'

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