The gift of grandparents (and other friends and family)

How your influence can be the very thing that opens up faith for the children in your life.

How can you help the children in your life know God?

Becoming a grandparent can be one of the greatest joys of life. It is also a season of great opportunity. Grandparents can have a significant impact on the spiritual lives of their grandchildren, at every age, no matter where your children currently are on their faith journeys. 

Here are a few starting points from BRF's Parenting for Faith Pioneer, Rachel Turner.

1. Pray for your grandchildren

We know that prayer is powerful… And your grandchildren are growing up in a complex world! They need God in their lives – loving, caring for and whispering truth to them. Let your grandchildren know that you pray for them. Ask them what they would like you to pray about. It is a huge gift for children and young people to know that someone is faithfully praying – for their school exams, friendships and life opportunities. 

2. Create windows into your life with God

It makes an incredible impact on children and teens when they see what a real ‘life with God’ looks like in the everyday. You have the opportunity to show them an authentic walk with God in the boring bits of life. Children and young people need to see how you relate to God when you’re happy, angry, bored or confused. It shows them what God offers to them. 

3. Be encouraged!

You’re not alone! We’re passionate about helping parents AND grandparents to nurture faith in their children and young people in the everyday. 

Grandfather and young girl outdoors on camping chairs

Take it to the next level

Try reading Parenting Children for a Life of Faith… Browse the online suggestions and reflections, or have a look at some of the free videos for the Parenting for Faith course at

We know it’s not just mums and dads who long for children and teens to know God for themselves. Whether you’re a parent, carer, family member, friend or church worker or leader, you can help the young people in your life develop a vibrant and connected relationship with God – whatever their age!  

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