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The Adventures of Mary and Joseph




Faith journeys are powerful things and everyone’s story is completely different. When we share our story with other people we reflect on who we are and where we’ve come from. We also declare that Jesus is alive, loves us dearly and is in the business of transforming lives.

Thank you to everyone who shared the journey with us on Tuesday 29 November 2016, as part of #GivingTuesday. The journey continues throughout December as we explore the Christmas story with you through ‘The Adventures of Mary and Joseph’ throughout December. This will include nine videos with reflections and activities to help you on your Advent journey. 

We will be posting these on Facebook and using #MJadventures and #SharingChristmas. We'd love to know what you think and what you'll be doing to share the Christmas story with those around you. 

Some of our faith stories

Elaine's story 

My children had been attending a Methodist Church youth club and every month the flyer for Messy Church would be handed out. For about six months, things kept clashing, but eventually we found our Saturdays free. We went to Messy Church and loved it. We returned again and again and my two youngest children wanted to go to a Sunday service. I wasn't ready but discussed it with our minister, who suggested an Alpha course.

Everything fell into place. I am now a member of the church, our eldest daughter was baptised and, as well as being a Messy Church helper, I help with other youth activities. Messy Church made coming into church more accessible, more relaxed, and showed me ways to enjoy Bible study at home with my family.

We are the home of Messy Church, which reaches people who have often never set foot in a church before, by being ‘church’ differently. There are over 3500 Messy Churches across the UK and overseas, reaching an estimated 500,000 people each month.

Joyce’s Story

The late Joyce Barrett was an incredible lady and great friend of Alton’s Anna Chaplains, who visited her regularly. Joyce was not from a faith background, but often shared stories from her life and, over time, showed an openness and willingness to explore life’s Big Questions.
Joyce was 89 when she was both baptised and confirmed on the same day. Standing alongside teenagers a fraction of her age Joyce was, and still is, a powerful witness to fact that it’s never too late to follow Christ. When Joyce later died all three Anna Chaplains that cared for her took part in her Thanksgiving Service.
Anna Chaplains work through BRF’s The Gift of Years. Anna Chaplains are employed by their local church or Churches Together group and deliver spiritual care services to older people of strong, little or no faith.

What are we doing?

This year we are taking a look at some of the amazing faith journeys that come out of our work in the UK and overseas. We are also encouraging you to share your own faith story with friends and family.

We want to continue seeing lives and communities transformed through our creative programmes and resources. We aim to raise £5000 from #GivingTuesday up until Christmas to do just that!

If you share our vision of transforming lives through the Christian faith, please support us.

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