Facing death

'Facing Death', Rachel Boulding's personal and honest contribution, part of our 'Bible readings for special times' series. 


At BRF we receive a steady flow of letters and emails from readers of our Bible reading notes, most of them expressing thanks to the writers and editors for the biblical highlights, insights and inspiration for daily life that these resources can bring. 

The flow became a deluge as readers responded to Rachel Boulding’s fortnight of New Daylight notes on ‘Facing Death’.



Rachel, who had terminal cancer, introduced her contribution by promising to be ‘as honest as I can, even when it involves bewilderment and uncertainty’. She named the fears, as well as the unexpected blessings, that come with facing our mortality and entrusting the end of our lives to God. 

That very personal honesty moved many people to share their own stories of similar struggles, as well as sending sympathy and encouragement to Rachel herself. 

BRF has now brought together Rachel's notes and reflections in a booklet for the ‘Bible readings for special times’ series, with an additional foreword by New Daylight editor, the Revd Sally Welch. 

I have tried to frame my thoughts in the context of all life being a gift from God, to be celebrated in the light of his grace and love for each one of us.
Rachel Boulding

Every death is unique, every journey towards it an individual exploration of the light and dark that make up our lives, but they all bear resemblances to each other, which can be helpful to discover and identify. Rachel Boulding's reflections on her journey spring from her personal situation, but they have relevance to us all as she shares with us her struggles—the challenge of processing the diagnosis and the complexity of medical terminology, the tragedy of witnessing its effect on those who love her, the potentially terrifying nature of the end time. Rachel gives us words to say when we wish to draw back and say nothing, and she shows how to offer our support to those we love. 

Sally Welch, Editor of New Daylight; Vicar of Charlbury and Area Dean of Chipping Norton


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Update 26 April - Unfortunately, Rachel Boulding passed away on Saturday 22 April from her battle with cancer. Please pray for her husband and son, friends and family as they deal with this difficult time.