Encountering Easter

Inspiring ideas on the Easter story

If you're looking for ways to encounter Easter, take a look at our ideas below for inspiration. There is a collection of resources for individuals, communities and families to explore during Lent and beyond.

Transforming lives 

Resourcing all ages and stages of the Christian journey.
  • Could this be God?: Having encountered the miracle of God coming to Earth, how can we find God in our modern world?
  • Encountering the Risen Christ: Take yourself on a journey from Easter to Pentecost, reflecting on the main characters in the post-resurrection accounts.
  • Thinking of You: Remembering Christ's offering of himself on the cross and his triumphal resurrection, this book has much to say about memory and the ways in which God is ever 'mindful' of us.
  • Palms for Holy Week: This activity links the stories that lead up to Good Friday and Easter eve by miming various events using the palms of your hands.
  • The story of Jesus' temptations: The story of the temptations (Matthew 4:1–11), and the idea of fasting for a long period, are both parts of the Lenten tradition. Here is an idea for a session for your group linked to this story.

Transforming communities

Programmes that help community transformation and impact local communities.
  • Messy Palm Sunday: Palm Sunday is a feast that celebrates Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem. These are a series of craft ideas that we can use to tell the story.
  • Easter Family Time: An affirming Easter gift for Messy Churches to give to their Messy families to use at home over Easter. 
  • Telling the Easter story with one sheet of paper: This activity helps to explain the key momens of the Easter story to children, in a way that doesn't linger on the horrific elements, yet conveys the power of the narrative.
  • Talking about Easter: the cross as a symbol: Explore how Christians use the cross as a symbol of resurrection and new life.
  • New beginning with Jesus at Easter: This activity connects the Easter story with the idea of receiving personal forgiveness from God in assembly and the classroom.

What can I do next?

Watch the video below: 'Explaining the Easter story with one sheet of paper' 

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