Discipleship pioneers

How BRF’s Holy Habits resources have re-awoken whole congregations to discipleship

The early church approach that still works today

Holy Habits is an exciting discipleship resource based on Luke’s portrait of the early church in Acts 2:42–47. We heard recently from some ‘Holy Habits pioneers’ about how God has been using the resource to energise churches around the country.

'It’s a great tool we as Christians can actively use to grow our faith and to bless our community and the wider world.'

Fostering Christian growth in all ages

The Holy Habits approach is designed for use in all denominations, in all areas of church life and for the whole congregation. One children and families worker has used the resources in a range of different settings: in café-style worship, in a Messy Church session and in her church’s house group for 20s-40s.

The great thing about Holy Habits is that you can work with them on different levels. If you’re five years old, you can still worship, pray, receive biblical teaching, be generous and more; but the way a five-year-old engages with these habits might look very different to how a 40-year-old or an 80-year-old does.

Jessica Bullett, children and families worker

'There was a real sense of unity that it was something we could pick up and run with.'

‘I was convinced that God was in it’


Churches considering committing to the Holy Habits are advised to think of it as a two-year programme, as one Methodist minister found out.

Gareth’s church decided every two months to launch a new habit, starting with one that was already an established practice: eating together. They added a special challenge: to bake something to give away, and start to think about church being not just for Sundays.

During those two months, there would be at least one month of linked Sunday preaching on the current topic, and Holy Habits would be referred to in all services. There was also a themed picture board on display and library of books and dvds available to the congregation.

It was just perfect for us... It worked. People are now more confident in having a conversation about faith. We’ve launched at least one more house group as a result of Holy Habits.  It’s helped people realise that the skills they had were good to put at the service of the gospel. There are fringe people who have become much more engaged in the life of the church. Holy Habits continues to inform the life of the church – we have a triptych of the Acts 2 verses on the wall as a permanent reminder.

Gareth Hill, minister, Romsey Methodist Church

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Romsey Methodist Church Holy Habits group

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