Children in conversation with God

Up and down the country, BRF's Parenting for Faith is helping parents teach children and teens to develop a two-way conversation with God.

Chat and Catch - a Parenting for Faith Key Tool

BRF's Parenting for Faith helps ordinary people develop easy and effective ways to nurture children’s relationships with God. The approach is based upon five core concepts. One of these focuses on prayer and is called ‘Chat and Catch’.

Rachel Turner, Parenting for Faith’s founder and pioneer, found that when it came to prayer, Christian children were often quite focused on how to do it ‘right’ – so much so that they sometimes weren’t enjoying it or even truly connecting with God. She wanted to enable them to have an open and honest two-way conversation with God throughout the day – and so ‘Chat and Catch’ was born.


A two-way exchange that makes a dramatic difference
Chat and Catch

The tool ‘chat’ encourages children to talk to God (out loud or in their head) about everything and anything that is going on in their day. Rachel has seen that if children can learn to involve God in the little things of everyday life, they will also feel more able to trust him with bigger things, throughout life.

Christians often talk about ‘hearing God’s voice’ or ‘God speaking to us’, even though we are rarely referencing something audible. Children tend to interpret things literally, so this can be very confusing for them. ‘Catch’ is a more inclusive term; it teaches children to expect to receive something from God (as Eli encourages Samuel to do in 1 Samuel 3). It also introduces them to the whole range of different ways that God can communicate with us, and how to be sure it is from him.


Around the UK, churches running the Parenting for Faith course are seeing a huge impact, as parents are encouraged to put this approach into practice at home. Here's what some course leaders said after running the session on 'Chat and Catch'.

In our chat session we had an older child with us… Mum saw a dramatic difference in his wanting to pray and what he was praying for, instantly.

Nearly everyone has a story about an answered prayer or a great conversation that spring up during chat and catch times at bedtime.

The chat session made the mums come alive, as they reflected that they wanted to learn to chat, so that they could encourage
that intimacy with God in their kids.

Help the children in your life meet God in everyday life

'Chat' and 'catch' are covered in Sessions Four and Five of the free online Parenting for Faith course for churches and individuals. Why not check out the course at Perhaps your church could host a group? If not, don't worry; you can still access any or all of the videos from your own device, free of charge. 

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Wondering how we know it's God speaking?

The Parenting for Faith website is full of shared experiences, ideas and advice from the team and other parents - such as this helpful piece on how to know when it's God speaking (and when it's not).

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