A BRF reflection on Brexit

'Be still and know that I am God' Psalm 46:10


At The Bible Reading Fellowship, we have put together some reflections and resources to bring some stability in this time of change.  

Over the last few weeks, British politics has had its ups and downs. Following the referendum and UK’s decision to leave there has been a lot of uncertainty about who will lead the country and how Britain will negotiate its exit from the European Union. One of the biggest issues has been the question, 'will immigrants still feel welcome in Britain and will Britons still feel welcome in Europe?'

It’s time for everyone to...join together to prevent Britain becoming a place where it is not safe to be non-British, and in which innocent people are harassed and abused for the crime of having been born abroad. The current situation is a shameful blight on our nation and it needs to be addressed now.

Theos Team Blog, 27 June 2016

'Adversity is like the period of the former and of the latter rain - cold, comfortless, unfriendly to man and to animal; yet from that season have their birth the flower and the fruit, the date, the rose and the pomegranate'
Sir Walter Scott, The Talisman (1912)

How to explain Brexit to your children...

Listen to Rachel Turner, founder of Parenting for Faith, talk about ways to explain and teach your children about Brexit and the European Union Referendum.

Valuing friendship, peace, compassion and community

The new 'Creating Character' Barnabas RE day for schools focuses on values such as friendship, peace, compassion and community, which are all of significance during this time. Using Bible stories such as Ruth and Naomi, it is possible to explore what it might feel like to move to a new country where you are filled with great concern about being an outsider as well as the feeling of being welcomed into a new society. 

The Barnabas in Schools team also offer packages such as ‘Who is my neighbour?’ and ‘Who am I?’ which engage with aspects of identity, belonging, acceptance and trusting, reference to both the Old and New Testaments. If you are interested in finding out more, visit our website.

Creating Character

A prayer

God of togetherness,

At this time of change, we pray for all those who will be affected by the decision made. 

Although there are differences of opinion and the political debates may have caused anger, upset and division, we want to help our churches and communities to be safe places, which welcome and care for every part of your wonderful world. 

We give thanks for all the countries of Europe, in the hope that you will help us to find a way to live and work together in harmony. Help us to follow you more faithfully in the steps of your son, Jesus Christ, and to help the world become more as you intended.