Transforming lives with spare change

Help us transform lives and communities by becoming a box holder

Collection boxes at BRF

Most of us have a bit of loose change lying around. Wouldn’t it be great if you could put it to good use and help transform lives and communities through the Christian faith?

Running a collection box is one of the easiest ways to support us, whether you choose to have a box at home, in your church, in your workplace or somewhere else. It doesn’t take long before all those spare coins really add up.

We’ve put together some simple guidelines to help you as a box holder, as well as some ideas on how to get the most from your collection. Once your box is full, it’s quick and easy to make your donation online or you can send us a cheque in the post.

Register for your collection box    Donate your collection box contents

Register for a collection box

We’re thrilled that you'd like to become a collection box holder. Just fill in your details below and a shiny new box will be on its way to you soon.

Five simple steps to running a collection in a public place

It’s quick and easy to become a collection box holder. All our boxes come flat-packed and are supplied with stickers to seal the base and lid.

If you want to run a collection at home, just construct your box and away you go. If it’s going in a public space, such as a school, church or care home, follow our five simple steps:

  1. Get written permission from your chosen venue and show them the certificate we give you.
  2. Construct your box and seal the lid and base with the BRF stickers provided.
  3. Count the contents of your box every three months or once its full, whichever comes first.
  4. Pay everything into a bank account within a month.
  5. Donate the money you’ve collected and return your completed collection form to us.

When you order a box, we’ll send you a copy of our full guidelines in the post. We ask that you take just a few minutes to read through these before beginning your collection.

BRF Collection boxes

Getting the most from your collection

At home

Ahoy, me hearties, it’s time for a treasure hunt!

Coins can get everywhere - under sofa cushions, in pockets, at the back of drawers. As a family, hunt for this buried treasure around your home and deposit whatever you find in your collection box.

Collect the pennies

We receive small change from many of the purchases we make. Consider putting it in your collection box rather than your purse or wallet.

Make a commitment

Commit to paying in a small amount (e.g. £1) each week. You’ll be surprised how quickly it all adds up!

Skip the niceties

Could you go without that daily cappuccino, chocolate bar or newspaper? Whatever your ‘nice to have’ thing is, think about going without it and pop the money in your box instead.

The naughty box

We all have bad habits. Whether it's for burping, biting your nails or something else, collecting a ‘fine’ is a classic way to fill up your box.

Somewhere else

Read all about it!

Spreading the word is the key to success, so make sure you let people know about your collection. Where possible, put a notice in any newsletters or parish magazines and, if you’re running a collection at work, consider sending a round-robin email.

You can’t miss it

Put your box in a prominent place where people are sure to see it. This might be in the reception area of your local care home, perhaps the communal kitchen at work or the welcome table at church.

You spin me right round

Our collection box tells you different things about BRF on each side. If you want to highlight a certain aspect of our work, consider displaying the box with the relevant side most prominent.

Fundraise for us

Run a fundraising activity for BRF and use your box to collect donations. Hold a coffee morning, run a collection at a Sunday church service or even run a marathon. If you are part of a Messy Church, you might want to run Messy Splat. Contact us at giving [at] or call 01865 319700 to find out more about this and how you can get involved.

How to donate the money you’ve collected

Thank you for transforming lives with spare change. Now that your box is full or that three months have elapsed since you started collecting, it’s time to count the contents and pay them into a bank account.

Please don’t send us any cash. The quickest and easiest way to donate your collection is online.

Donate your collection online

  • Unfortunately, we are currently unable to Gift Aid the contents of collection boxes.
  • Don’t forget to complete your collection form by telling us how much you have raised and how you have donated. Completed collection forms can be sent by post or emailed to giving [at]
  • If it’s not possible for you to give online, get in touch and donate over the phone by card or send us a cheque made payable to 'BRF'.

Get in touch

Do you need to donate a collection or return your collection form? Do you have any questions about being a box holder?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us; we are always happy to help.

Fundraising Team
Tel: 01865 319700
Email: giving [at]
Collection Boxes, BRF, 15 The Chambers, Vineyard, Abingdon, OX14 3FE