Teaching Christianity in schools

Enabling primary-aged children and their teachers to explore Christianity and the Bible creatively and confidently

Exploring Christianity creatively and confidently

Our Barnabas in Schools team has been working with primary-aged children and their teachers for over 15 years, enabling them to explore Christianity creatively and confidently within the school curriculum.

As a professional education service provider, we work face-to-face with children and their teachers, demonstrating excellence in RE, as well as providing training and resources for teachers to use. The team works at both regional and national levels to help shape the future of primary RE.

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What we offer

Barnabas RE Days

A full day's visit to a primary school by one of our professional team, using drama, storytelling and roleplay to unpack ideas within Bible stories and explore Christian traditions, all focused on one of a range of themes.

INSET and continuing professional development

Many teachers are not confident in teaching RE due to a lack of training, as RE is often not a high priority in schools. We're working to train, encourage and equip them to teach RE more effectively using tried-and-tested techniques.

Books and resources

We publish books to support primary RE, including assembly, RE and classroom resources. We also provide free resources on our website for schools to use.

We need your help

Our goal is to help as many schools as possible to explore Christianity creatively and confidently, and as a result we set the fees for our Barnabas RE Days and INSET at a level that is realistic for school budgets. Each year our work in schools is supported by donations from individuals and churches.

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Why teach Christianity in schools?

We live in a diverse nation of rich traditions, where people of different faiths and worldviews live and work together. The Bible is the key text for understanding the huge impact the Christian faith has had on the language, culture, history and values of both the United Kingdom and the wider world.

BRF helps children and teachers from all backgrounds to discover that the biblical narratives have something significant to say about the central themes and questions of life, informing our attitudes, values, responsibilities, friendships, how to care for the world and how to recognise and relate to our neighbours.

The primary purpose of religious education must be to enable young people to make sense of themselves and the world in which they live, and from these seeds will grow communities equipped to live well together.

Nigel Genders, Church of England chief education officer

Our approach

As a professional education service provider, we value the spiritual life of children and embrace open-ended and exploratory approaches when exploring Christian values and Bible stories. We don't make assumptions about prior knowledge or expectations concerning personal belief, and our work is not evangelistic in nature.

As a member of the Religious Education Council of England and Wales, we support and adhere strictly to its eight principles for teachers of Religious Education.

Our work supports SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) aims and objectives, and the provision of RE (Religious Education), PSE (Personal and Social Education) and SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development).

Religious education is vitally important to help children develop the British values of tolerance, respect and understanding for others.
Department for Education, 2015

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Christian growth and understanding of the Bible

Seeing lives shaped by the Bible, prayer and whole-life discipleship.

Church outreach in the local community

BRF is the home of two programmes that churches are embracing to great effect as they seek to engage with their local communities and transform lives.

Children's and family ministry

Working with children and families, helping to explore the Christian faith and bring the Bible alive.