Staff team

People working together to make a difference

We believe our greatest asset as an organisation is our people. Most of our staff are based at our offices in Abingdon, while others - notably the Messy Church, Barnabas in Schools, Anna Chaplaincy and Parenting for Faith teams - are based in different locations around the UK.

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If you'd like to get in touch with a member of the staff team, do use the contact us page.

Pray for our team

One of the ways you can support the team directly is through prayer.

Work for us

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Canon Richard Fisher

Chief Executive

Jay Elliott

Head of Finance and Operations

Karen Laister

Head of Marketing and Communications/Head of Strategic Partnerships

Olivia Warburton

Head of Content Creation

Alex Burn

Anna Chaplaincy Coordinator

Jane Butcher

Barnabas in Schools Team Leader

Anna Hawken

Parenting for Faith National Coordinator

Wendy Hopkins

Anna Chaplaincy Coordinator

Chris Hudson

Barnabas in Schools Team Member

Jane Leadbetter

Messy Church Team Member

Dave Martin

Messy Church Team Member

Lucy Moore

Messy Church Founder and Team Leader

Becky Sedgwick

Parenting for Faith Local Coordinator

Debbie Thrower

Anna Chaplaincy Pioneer

Rachel Turner

Parenting for Faith Pioneer