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Inspiring and equipping parents, supporting communities and training leaders to raise children in the Christian faith

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Parenting for Faith has been a part of BRF’s children's and family ministry since 2016. Its vision is to see children of all ages recognise and connect to God in everyday life, so that they develop their own real, vibrant relationship with him.

Parenting for Faith believes that the best people to nurture children’s spiritual development are those God has already placed in their lives:  parents, grandparents and other family members, carers and any other Christians working with children.

Parenting for Faith inspires them to see how they personally can help children find God in the busyness of life – in the way that best suits their own family and church culture, and daily timetable.

For those who want to grow in confidence and skills, making a real difference to children’s faith and to family life, Parenting for Faith has a lot to offer.

The Parenting for Faith course

Based on the book Parenting Children for a Life of Faith, the Parenting for Faith course is a video-based resource for communities that can be downloaded or live-streamed. The whole course is available for parents and churches to use for free.

Explore the course

You can watch the first session of the course on our website without registering. There's also a comprehensive FAQs section to answer any questions you may have, and the Parenting for Faith team are also on hand to give advice.

What people are saying

My wife and I came into the course open and willing to learn new methods to help our children find Jesus on their own terms. This course really delivered.

Parenting for Faith course feedback

Doing the course was life changing in terms of my parenting and it was amazing as a pastor to see significant changes happening in the lives of the participants. We can't wait to run it again!

Parenting for Faith course feedback

Explore Parenting for Faith

Everything Parenting for Faith has to offer, including events and training sessions and a wealth of other materials is available on the Parenting for Faith website.

Parenting for Faith website

The Parenting for Faith Podcast

The Podcast

The Parenting for Faith podcast provides new ideas to try, answers to questions and lots more.

The Podcast

The Five Key Tools

Key Tools

Five easy tools for ordinary parents to raise God-connected kids.

Key Tools

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How you can get involved


The development of this website and much of the wider work of the Parenting for Faith team has been made possible by donations. We want to be careful to 'count the cost' (Luke 14:28) of what we're trying to build and plan accordingly. Parenting for Faith is part of The Bible Reading Fellowship.

The team at BRF will be working to support Parenting for Faith and make it as effective as possible.

As well as producing materials, enhancing communications and refining our approach, the BRF team will be seeking to raise funds so that our work can carry on long term. Are you able to support us financially?

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Please pray for our Parenting for Faith team, for churches running the course and parents using the weekly podcasts.

There are also prayer suggestions for BRF and the other activities the organisation is involved.

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Visit the Parenting for Faith website and tell your church.

Explore the course, think and pray about how it could work where you are.

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