Leaving a legacy - other options

Changing a will through a Deed of Variation

It is possible to change a person's will after their death as long as the beneficiaries of the will agree. This is called a Deed of Variation and is particularly useful to help reduce the amount of inheritance or capital gains tax payable or provide for someone who was left out the will.

Inheritance tax is usually paid on an estate when somebody dies. If an estate is valued above the current threshold you may need to pay tax on any amount over it. Gifts made to charity are exempt from inheritance tax and can also reduce the rate at which tax is paid on the remainder of an estate. Find out more about changing a will after death on the gov.uk website.

Donating life insurance benefits

Many employers offer death-in-service benefits and some individuals have their own life insurance policies. These schemes usually pay a tax-free lump-sum to your chosen beneficiary if you die during your employment or during the term of the policy.

It is possible to leave this money or a proportion of it to charity. Once you have made provision for your loved ones please consider whether you can support BRF in this way.

Legacies with BRF - find out more