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Happy third birthday to The Gift of Years!
It’s been three years since we launched The Gift of Years, dedicated to improving the spiritual lives of older people across the UK. One of our key priorities is to achieve greater financial sustainability - could you help?
Rachel Boulding
'Facing Death', Rachel Boulding's personal and honest contribution which is now part of our 'Bible readings for special times' series.
Jonathan Cherry
The murder of the late MP Jo Cox has not only sparked outrage, but an outpouring of goodwill and funds, now being channelled into the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness.
Easter resources
If you're looking for ways to encounter Easter, take a look at our ideas below for inspiration. There is a collection of resources for individuals, communities and families to explore during Lent and beyond.
Barnabas in Schools day
What do we want our children to care about, as they grow and take their own places in society? It’s a big issue – which is why Barnabas in Schools has crafted two special RE Days called ‘Creating Character’ about...