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Rachel Boulding
'Facing Death', Rachel Boulding's personal and honest contribution which is now part of our 'Bible readings for special times' series.
Barnabas in Schools day
What do we want our children to care about, as they grow and take their own places in society? It’s a big issue – which is why Barnabas in Schools has crafted two special RE Days called ‘Creating Character’ about...
Morning mist
As we come to the end of the twelve days of Christmas, this update looks how we can deal with disappointment and pursuing perspective with the book of Ecclesiastes - exactly what we need for the New Year.
Messy Forces
Nicola Slater coordinates a Messy Church at RAF Lossiemouth in Moray, Scotland. Nicola is now the Messy Forces Coordinator and she networks and supports the growing number of Messy Churches on Army, Navy and RAF Forces bases. Here is Nicola’s...