The Foundations21 Project

A platform for online discipleship

Until April 2015, BRF provided a web-based discipleship resource called Foundations21. The aim was to provide a resource that could be accessed from anywhere and at any time, for those who wanted to go deeper in their Christian life.

Several thousand Christians used it for their ongoing spiritual nurture or to explore particular topics. For some it was life-changing. We know that church leaders valued it for sermon preparation, and small groups made use of the material in a variety of ways.

We are grateful to the charitable trusts and individuals who shared the vision for Foundations21 and so generously supported it financially.

Discipleship remains a key component of our work within promoting Christian growth and understanding of the Bible.


Learning with Foundations21 books

While the Foundations21 website itself is no longer accessible, two courses that draw from its content are still available. These encourage groups and individuals to study the topics of Jesus and Prayer. Each week there is an overview session ideal for use in a group, with shorter follow-up sessions to use during the week in order to encourage continuity between meetings.

Explore the Learning with Foundations21 books

Learning with Foundations21 books