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Support the teaching of Christianity in primary schools

Educating children and equipping teachers

Last year, we worked in over 120 primary schools through our Barnabas RE Days, helping some 29,000 children to explore Christianity confidently and creatively. Our Barnabas in Schools team continue to provide ongoing training and resources to support and equip teachers as they teach about Christianity within RE, as well as contributing to discussions about RE at local and national levels.

We strive to make our work within schools as available as possible at a time when school budgets are tight, so our fees to schools for Barnabas RE Days and INSET sessions are set at a realistic level.

However, the income generated only covers part of the full costs of Barnabas in Schools each year. We're so thankful to those who have supported this work over the years.

Please consider whether you could give to support this work.

If you're not able to donate today then do find out how you can support us in prayer.

A great day that engaged children, giving them the opportunity to question and explore.

St Oswald’s RC Primary School, Wreckington

What an exciting day where the children were fully able to engage with the biblical concept of being a neighbour.

Burdett Coutts & Townshed Foundation CE Primary School, London