Whole-life discipleship

for churches and individuals

Supporting you and your church on your discipleship journey

'You are truly my disciples if you live as I tell you to'
John 8:31-32 (TLB)

We're passionate about helping people grow in faith and become more like Jesus Christ.

Do you long to see faith in Christ making a difference in homes and workplaces, churches and communities?
Our programmes, ministries and resources help ordinary Christians open their lives to God’s transformational power as they ‘live as he tells us to’, growing in understanding and faith, and developing as disciples.

Holy Habits discipleship programme

This flexible, transformational approach based on Luke’s description of the early church in Acts 2 lets local churches create their own plan to involve the wider congregation in whole-life discipleship and mission.

Holy Habits group Worcester

'Discipleship is arguably the most important thing for us to resource and engage with, because if our discipleship is not healthy, everything else will struggle as well.'
Andrew Roberts, founder and leader of Holy Habits

'As a result of Holy Habits people have become more serious about their faith and discipleship.'
Gareth Hill, minister, Romsey Methodist Church

Holy Habits course

Holy Habits resources


Other BRF discipleship resources

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Check out our notes and apps that promote discipleship through daily Bible reading.

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Discipleship in BRF ministries and programmes

Whole-life discipleship is in the DNA of our work and mission.

Messy Cathedral


It could be a new Messy Church family inspired to start reading the Bible at home.

Parenting for Faith course


Or a Christian parent becoming more effective in showing children and teens what faith looks like in everyday life through Parenting for Faith.


It could be an older person discovering renewed courage and hope with the support of an Anna Chaplain.

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