Church outreach in the local community

Engaging with local communities through Messy Church and The Gift of Years

Helping churches reach out with the love of Jesus Christ

BRF is the home of two programmes that churches are embracing to great effect as they seek to engage with their local communities and transform lives.

Through Messy Church and Anna Chaplaincy we provide tried-and-tested models for outreach and community engagement that are being used by churches throughout the UK and, in the case of Messy Church, in more than 20 other countries.

As happens time and again in the BRF story, these programmes originated in local churches that were seeking to reach out to their communities in Jesus' name.

The role of BRF today is to help these programmes flourish and be as fruitful as they can be, and none of our work towards that goal would be possible without the prayer and financial support of individuals, churches and trusts. Find out more about how we're funded.

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Messy Church

Messy Church reaches people of all ages, many of whom have never set foot in a church before, by being 'church' differently.

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Anna Chaplaincy for Older People

Anna Chaplaincy is resourcing the spiritual journey of older people.

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Locally grown

One of the common threads in the BRF story is that our programmes and resources are locally grown - prayed through, planned and honed in a local church setting.

Messy Church and Anna Chaplaincy were both birthed in local contexts by people with a passion to engage with and serve their local communities. We have embraced these creative programmes and resource them, acting as a catalyst, so that other churches can benefit from and use them in their own outreach and ministry.

Training and equipping local people

Through our work, we're not trying to create dependence on BRF, but rather to train and equip local people, enabling them to engage effectively with and serve their local communities.

Our hope is that whatever your church's denomination, style or tradition, BRF can provide something that can help you to sharpen and develop your ministry and outreach locally.

The Church's one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord, She is His new creation by water and the Word. From heaven He came and sought her to be His holy bride; With His own blood He bought her and for her life He died.
Sam­uel J. Stone (1839-1900)

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Christian growth and understanding of the Bible

Seeing lives shaped by the Bible, prayer and whole-life discipleship.

Teaching Christianity in primary schools

Enabling primary-aged children and their teachers to explore Christianity and the Bible creatively and confidently.

Children's and family ministry

Working with children and families, helping to explore the Christian faith and bring the Bible alive.