Children's and family ministry

Resourcing children and families in their Christian faith and ministry - bringing the Bible and faith to life

Bringing the Bible and faith alive

For over 20 years, BRF has been supporting children's and family work in churches. Through the Barnabas in Churches and Faith in Homes websites, as well as through our books, we're supporting churches and families as they explore faith with under 11s. We are also delighted to announce that Parenting for Faith is now part of BRF. 

The church which welcomes children, accepts their gifts and ministries, meets their needs, advocates justice and seeks new life with them, joins them in challenging evil with love and truth, continues to learn with and from them the values of the Kingdom by living them out, is a church which is good news not only for children and its adult members but for the world.

From the Unfinished Business report, Consultative Group on Ministry among Children

Parenting for Faith

Parenting for Faith

We are delighted to announce that Rachel Turner has joined our staff team and that Parenting for Faith is now part of BRF. Parenting for Faith aims to inspire and equip parents, support communities and train leaders to raise children in the Christian faith

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Ideas for exploring faith in homes

Ideas for exploring faith in homes

The Faith in Homes initiative and its website helps families to explore the Christian faith and to find God in the everyday at home. It focuses on ideas, articles, advice, published resources and workshops - signposting leaders and families to a wide range of up-to-date resources so they can live out their faith together.

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Barnabas in Churches

The Barnabas in Churches website provides free, high-quality, downloadable ideas for children's and family workers and church leaders to use with Sunday or midweek groups. A wide range of books is also published under BRF's Barnabas for Children imprint to resource, equip and inspire those working with children.

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The road ahead

We're in the process of reviewing our work with children and families. If you'd like to stay up to date with any developments, do sign up to keep up to date with BRF.

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