Bible reading

We are passionate about seeing lives shaped and changed as we encounter the living word through the written word.

Engaging with the Bible

Encouraging intelligent engagement with the Bible by people of all ages is one strand of our work in promoting individual Christian growth and understanding of the Bible. We want to help people of all ages and stages of the Christian faith to grow deeper in their knowledge and love of God.

Helping people engage with the Bible and apply it to their lives has been central to BRF’s work from the very beginning. Our story began with a single church providing an opportunity for ordinary Christians to learn for themselves from the Bible - to read, think and pray their way through it, and together apply it to their lives.

Explore our Bible reading notes

Through our Bible reading notes we seek to support and encourage regular and thoughtful reading of the Bible.

We publish five series of Bible reading notes to offer variety to our readers: New Daylight, Guidelines, Day by Day with God, The Upper Room and Bible Reflections for Older People.

As well as being available in print, different series of notes are available as apps for iOS and Android, daily email and giant print and audio and braille - offering a wide range of formats so people can choose what suits them best.

Explore our Bible reading notes

Bible study

Read the review of one of our New Daylight readers, who uses the app:

I've decided to change my original review from last year, as for some reason I felt led to pick up these Daily Readings again. Having initially struggled with writers who I felt were a little shallow and uninspiring, even questionable in their understanding of Scripture - I eventually wrote a negative review and uninstalled.

However, I'm glad I took it up again, for this years' writers have blown me away with their sense of the profound, their knowledge of Scripture and Church History, their realism, honesty, and inspiration! The little thought provoking 'challenges' at the end of each reading round it all off very satisfyingly.

I was particularly moved by one writers' courage and matter of fact approach to an extremely challenging situation and feel very much moved to pray for her and her family. God bless and thank you

New Daylight iphone app

Other Bible reading resources

Alongside our daily dated Bible reading notes, we also produce a range of other resources to help people explore the Bible. These include readings and reflections linked to seasons of the church year, including Advent and Lent, as well as books that explore particular themes.In keeping with our inter-denominational approach, BRF authors reflect a broad range of church traditions.

Whether you have never read it before for yourself or have been reading and studying it for years, we have a range of resources to inform, inspire and encourage you in every stage of your journey with the Bible.