Barnabas RE Days

Each year our Barnabas in Schools team work with some 29,000 primary-aged children, helping them to explore Christianity creatively and confidently.

Exploring Bible stories and Christian festivals

A Barnabas RE Day is a full day's visit to a primary school by one of our professional team, using drama, storytelling and roleplay to unpack ideas within Bible stories and explore Christian festivals.

In 2017-18 we led over 140 Barnabas RE Days, working with 29,000 children.

Developing new themes

We offer a range of Barnabas RE Day themes for schools to choose from, including seasonal themes such as Lent and Easter and more topical themes such as What Price Peace?, which helps children to explore some of the key events, experiences and personal responses to World War I.

Our team work to prepare a new theme each year. A new theme normally includes a Barnabas RE Day, INSET package and other resources, so that schools can carry on the learning from the Barnabas RE Day afterwards.

Explore Barnabas RE Day themes

Discover the full range of Barnabas RE Day themes we offer on the Barnabas in Schools website.

Barnabas RE Day themes

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What schools are saying

Loved the kinaesthetic approach - lots of drama, song, practical activities which would support the children in their learning, discussion and understanding.

Cranborne First School

Very engaging and entertaining. Fantastic day, the staff all commented on how much the children gained from the workshops and how each was correctly differentiated for the different age groups.

Raynsford CE Academy

Excellent day with a range of activities that engaged all children in my class. Chris Hudson had the children excited, inspired and on task for the whole day.

Ebchester CE Primary School

Absolutely excellent - children clearly engaged and very thought-provoking. Lots of SEAL issues tackled.

St Joseph's Primary School

The primary purpose of religious education must be to enable young people to make sense of themselves and the world in which they live and from these seeds will grow communities equipped to live well together.
Nigel Genders, Church of England chief education officer

What is the impact of having a Barnabas RE Day for an individual school?

A Barnabas RE Day raises the profile of RE in the schools that we visit. Many teachers lack confidence in teaching RE and a Barnabas RE Day illustrates for teachers some different approaches they can use in future RE lessons. Teachers and pupils enjoy the opportunity to think more deeply about religious issues and questions.

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