Areas of need

How your donation can help

You'll find below some of the areas where we need particular support at the moment. Please do consider whether you could support us in one of these areas, or donate to BRF for wherever the need is greatest.

Every donation and every prayer makes a difference - thank you.

Where your donation can help

Support RE in primary schools

Each year we work with over 120 schools, helping some 29,000 children to explore Christianity confidently and creatively.

Please help us to sustain and develop this work.

Donate to Barnabas in Schools

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Support our work with Messy Churches

We work with almost 3,900 Messy Churches across the world, providing training and resources, as well as offering local support through our network of Regional Coordinators.

Our work helps to equip local Messy Church leaders as they seek to share the love of Jesus Christ in their communities.

Donate to Messy Church

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Support spiritual care of older people

Through Anna Chaplaincy we aim to inspire, equip and enable every church across the UK to meet the spiritual needs of older people wherever they may be, so that older men and women live abundantly and keep on growing spiritually.

Donate to Anna Chaplaincy

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Support us as we help parents raise God-connected children

Through Parenting for Faith, we're equipping parents to raise God-connected children and teens.

We resource parents directly and help them feel confident about discipling their children in the Christian faith.

Donate to Parenting for Faith

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Our story testifies to what an immense difference the vision, generosity, passion and prayer of a few can make to so many. We each have a part to play: some to 'plant', some to 'water'. May we never forget that God gives the growth.

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