Anna Chaplaincy for Older People

Offering spiritual care in later life

What is Anna Chaplaincy?

Named after the faithful widow Anna, who appears with Simeon in Luke’s gospel, Anna Chaplaincy is a community-based network that supports older people and their carers, working across many denominations. ‘Anna’ means grace: Anna Chaplaincy is a gracious offering from the church to local communities.

Our goal is to link people who share a passion for working with older people, creating opportunities to learn from each other and raising professional standards, including through the Anna Chaplaincy Handbook.


Anna Chaplains work in care homes, private homes, churches and community groups, and are there for people of strong, little or no faith. Male or female, lay or ordained, each works within their local church context (and may perform this role under a local name). Anna Chaplains may motivate volunteers to work side by side with them, often known as Anna Friends.

Anna Chaplaincy collaborates with other agencies, including Christians Together Against Loneliness, to campaign for better spiritual care in later life.

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The work of the Anna Chaplains is timely and of profound significance as the church seeks to serve the older generation and speak into public policy around provision for the vulnerable in our society.

Rt Revd Dr Jonathan Frost, Dean of York

How you can get involved


Our work is entirely funded by donations and grants from individuals, churches and charitable trusts (more about how we're funded).

Can you help Anna Chaplaincy to develop and become more established by giving a one-off or regular donation? Thank you.


We are so grateful to those who pray for our work.

Please pray for Debbie and Alex as they undertake speaking engagements, talk with church leaders and consider the best way to establish and develop what we offer through the Anna Chaplaincy model.

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The Anna Chaplaincy website explains what we offer and is a great place for churches and individuals to start thinking through spiritual care for older people.

Do also sign up to Debbie's blog to hear about useful resources and events near you.

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Anna Chaplaincy is a proven way of reaching out to older people that fosters hope and helps combat the loneliness experienced by too many people who feel 'surplus to requirements' as they get older.

Debbie Thrower, Pioneer, Anna Chaplaincy for Older People

Debbie Thrower
It is time for churches across the denominations to recognise fully the needs and the potential of older people, both in churches and in wider communities. Ministry among older people should be seen as just as valuable as youth and children's ministry.